Our Story

Our company is established back in 1986 and ever since “Termomont” expanded in wide production of boilers for central heating, solar boilers, pellet burners, tanks for storage and other outfit for heating systems. Back in 1986 “Termomont” was founded as a very first private own company in region of Srem (Vojvodina, Serbia, former Yugoslavia). In the very first years of existence with only 10 employees “Termomont” gained local reputation in field of engineering, maintenance and installation of central heating systems especially large hot-water boiler units.
At the begin of the 1990s, company introduced its own production of electrical boilers and very shortly added other types of hot-water boilers fired with solid and liquid fuels. Soon after, the product list was extended with sanitary water tanks, solar boilers and other outfits as chimneys, oil tanks and tubular radiators. In 2010 “Termomont” started its own production of wood pellet burners and wood pellet boilers which remains our main focus until today.
“Termomont” slowly became a very known brand on the domestic market but also exporting its products to the neighbour markets of the former country: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and Kosovo.

Rapid growth into the market of the EU and Russia happened after 2012. Solid fuel and wood pellet boilers by “Termomont” found its way to countries such as Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania. From 2010. we deliver large quantities of boilers to our partner in the Russian Federation including Free Trade Union countries Belarus and Kazakhstan.
After more than 30 years of existence, “Termomont” has a modern plant in Šimanovci spread over 6000 square meters, with more than 120 employees, a modern distribution centre with storage space.
Since 2005 “Termomont” is applying quality control system by ISO 9001, certified by TUV Thueringen. Since 2013 we apply ISO 14001 but also specific standards for pressure devices and welded constructions according to European directive PED 97/23 and EN 3834.