Three-pass boiler with a fan
25-50 KW
firewood logs, bricks

Automatic self-cleaning boiler
24-33-44-55 KW
wood pellet

automatic boiler – standard
20-30-40-50 KW
wood pellet

automatic self-cleaning “compact-size” boiler
wood pellet

Solid fuel & biomass boiler
40-100 KW
biomass (straw), coal, firewood.

Large three-pass solid fuel boiler
100-300 KW
wood, coal, biomass

„Hybrid“ three pass boiler
250-400 KW
coal, wood, biomass

Solid fuel/biomass boiler with tubulators
350-750 KW
wood, coal, biomass

Residential cooker with boiler
20 KW

Stove-boiler with oven
25 KW