Mountain Hut “Dojkinci” Stara Planina.


Mountain Hut “Dojkinci” Stara Planina.

National Park Stara Planina got a new Mountain Hut – Termomont takes part!

The brand-new mountain hut is situated in the village of Dojkinci, at the very entrance to the nature reserve of Stara Planina in South-Easth Serbia.

It was built at the place of an old military post, as a part of a cross-border-cooperation project of Serbia and Bulgaria with funds received from European Union.

It is the most modern facility of its kind in Serbia, and its position makes it ideal base for discovering nature attractions in the Pirot area of Stara Planina nature reserve. Attractive waterfall Tupavica is only 4km away from the hut. Mountain peaks Kopren and Tri Čuke can be reached from here too.

Central heating of the living area and dormitories is fulfilled thanks to a combined wood pellet boiler TKK3 90 with Biotermec pellet burner 100 KW. Two buffer tanks od 1000 lit are also used for maximum energy savings.


Title photo: Milan Simonović, Niš (facebook page “Discover Stara Planina!”)