Production Plant

The factory is located in the industrial complex Šimanovci, only 5km from the major highway (Ljubljana-Zagreb-Belgrade) and only 15km from the international Belgrade airport.

Area of ca. 6000 sqm of indoor industrial space is divided into several production departments: laser cutting, folding, assembling, manual and robotic welding and final assembly of boilers. We also have our own facility for electrostatic coating of boiler jackets.

Only certified materials from registered suppliers are used in the production process. The process begins by cutting sheet metal with the help of modern and energy-saving laser machines with “fiber” technology. Termomont has three such lasers (all of which are not older than 5 years).

After folding, steel pieces come to assembly process. This is where the initial boiler shape is made. The “initial stadium boiler” comes into welding department. Our equipment and working craft is certified according to the European Welding norm EN 3534 for quality ensurance of the welding process regardless of the the method which can be manual or automatic: currently, we have two robotic arc-welding systems.

To ensure best welding quality, central distributed mixture of 97% Argon and 3% CO2 is used in the process.

In sequel, welded boilers are examined on water permeability. After the installation of doors and related parts and after coating with protective paint, units are moved onto final assembly line.

Again, a “fiber” laser in combination with two highly sophisticated sheet bending machines guarantees extremely fast, efficient and accurate production of boiler jackets. Boiler jackets are painted in the process of electrostatic coating in our own facility.