Wood pellet burner can only combust pellets made of wood in the following quality:

caloric power > 18 MJ/kg, diameter 6-8 mm, length 35 mm, maximum humidity 8%.

Pellet burner consists of a burner body (which is to be mounted on the lower boiler door) and a screw-feeding system (which is put in the pellet stock beside the boiler). Flexible plastic tube is used to connect the two parts.

The control panel of the burner is on the front side of the burner body. Burner works automatically and can be programmed for each day in a week separately.

Unlike other products on the (Serbian) market, BIOTERMEC pellet burner has two feeders (controlled by two different motors). One is the main feeder that transports pellets to the burner body from the pellet storage. The other lies inside the burner and facilitates pellet feedind process to the boiler. It also acts as a protection from backfire.


We recommend Biotermec pellet burner to be used together with our TKU3-W boiler.

Burner unit, especially the flame tube must be cleaned on a regular base.

Models 100 and 150 have automatic mechanical cleaning of the burner tube included.

Model 150 has an additional burner tube coating made from fireproof ceramics.

Max power 50 KW 100 KW 150 KW
Min power 10 KW 50 KW 100 KW
Min power pellet consumption Min 2 kg/h Min 10 kg/h Min 20 kg/h
Max power pellet consumption Max 10 kg/h Max 20 kg/h Max 30 kg/h
Weight (kg) 13 kg 15 kg 20 kg
Electrical energy consumption during start-up 400W 400W 400W
Electrical energy consumption 100W 100W 100W
Electrical network 220V 50 Hz 220V 50 Hz 220V 50Hz