Bioterm is our complete solution for reliable and quality combustion of wood pellets for large central heating systems.

When heating middle power range with wood pellets, the aspect of pellet quality is extremely important: Pellets must be premium A1 quality, with uniform sizing, without dirt, earth, sand, and its caloric power must be higher than 18 MJ/kg.

The autonomy of the system is crucial – why invest into pellets technology, if manual feed is necessary on a daily base? Therefore certain investment into storage and automatic fuel transport system is recommended. Please take a closer look to our short promo movie at the bottom of this text to have an idea.

Automatic cleaning of the boiler is also an essential feature of our BIOTERM pellet system. Boiler chamber construction enables that ash and dust fall dawn to the bottom of the boiler. There is a cleaning screw transport system that takes the ash out of the boiler into the ash-tray box.

Cyclones: These are big (frequency regulated) fans at the flue exit of the boiler connected to the big cylinder that take all the heavy particles of ash and dirt that remain in the cylinder instead being blown out to the atmosphere.

Burner: Pellet burner of the system is made of special fireproof ceramics. It is resistant to the high temperatures. Cleaning of the burner combustion chamber is automatic.

Boiler: Sliding door allows easy access for maintenance operations. Boiler is welded and tested on water pressure of 8 bar. It maximum working pressure may not exceed 4 bar.

Model Bioterm 350 Bioterm 500
Nominal power BIOTERM* 350 500
Power range (KW) 105-355 150-515
Weight (kg) 1550 kg 2050 kg
Flow / Return (inch) NO 100 NP6 NO 100 NP6
Safety valve (inch) 2” 2”
Flue dimater (ø) (at flue exit fan (cyclone)) Ø210mm Ø210mm
Flue gas exit temperature (at nominal power) 170⁰C 170⁰C
Pellet storage (Door hung storage / Side stand storage) 500 500
Pellet consumption at min power 24 kg/h 34 kg/h
Pellet consumption at max power 80 kg/h 114 kg/h
Water content 1200 l 1400 l
Electrical network 3×380 V 50 Hz 3×380 V 50 Hz
Chimney (min. diameter)** Ø300 Ø350
Chimney height** 6-7 m 7-8 m


* depending on the caloric value of fuel.

** Please consult chimney system supplier. Data given in the chart serve as estimate values only.

Short promo: Boiler room 1 MW  (2 x BIOTERM 500 KW):