Manually fed solid fuel hot water boiler for larger central heating systems and for fuel with caloric value greater than 15000 KJ/kg;

Boiler is constructed according to the EN 303-5. Steel materials used apply to EN 10025, EN 10028-2, EN 10120 i EN 10088-2.

The whole boiler is insulated with appropriate mineral wool protection and its door with vermiculite.

Three pass construction (horizontal passes) ensures quality combustion process. However, TKH is a solution between TKK3 max and CTK models: while TKK3 max has no tubulators at all, and CTK has both second and third pass in form of tubulators, TKH has only a third pass in tubulator form. Therefore efficiency of this boiler lies between TKK3 and CTK.

In order to allow constant and most efficient working circle, use of an additional tank AT (heat accumulator) is strongly recommended.

Boiler is easy to clean with included cleaning kit. Boiler has a thermometer included as well.

Draught regulator is not included.


Type 250 350 400
Power range (KW)* 200-250 300-350 350-400
Weight (kg) 1400 2250 2500
Necessary draught (mbar) 0,5 0,55 0,6
Temperature working range (oC) 60-90 60-90 60-90
Water content (lit) 470 600 650
Height (mm) 2130 2400 2400
Width (mm) 1020 1230 1230
Length (mm) 1850 2250 2370
Flow/Return NO80 NP6 NO100 NP6 NO100 NP6
Safety valve 6/4“ 6/4“ 6/4“
Max working pressure 3 3 3
Flue diameter (mm) ø300 ø330 ø330
Flue height (mm) 1700 1950 1950
Exit flue gas temperature (oC) 220 220 220
Chimney diameter (mm)** 350 400 400
Chimney height (m)** 15-17 18-19 20-22


* Data given for coal are for caloric value of 18000 KJ/kg. Data given for wood are for caloric value 15000 KJ/kg.

** Please consult chimney system supplier. Data given in the chart serve as estimate values only.