temy plus 18 model

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TEMY PLUS is a steel hot-water stove-boiler for central heating with possibility to cook in the same time.

Boiler chamber is entirely made of steel, while the door frames are made of cast-iron. Cooking plate frame is made of stainless steel.

The upper door has a „firewindow effect“ (fireproof glass). The lower door has secondary air inlet for better combustion.

The flue opening can be on the upper side or on the lateral side of the boiler, so the customer can chose which one to use.

Hot-water volume inside the boiler is high (up to 60 l for 30 KW model) – the fact which guarantees functionality of the product as a central heating boiler. It has no insulation coating around, so the heat radiation is spreaded toward the ambience directly as well (around 1 kW). The heat radiation toward the cooking plate is 2 KW. The rest is given to the central heating system.

TEMY PLUS  has the embedded automatic draught regulator provided.

Boiler can work only as a stove during the summer time (the grid to be set up on higher position inside the chamber, which is done easily and within a few minutes).

An embedded heat exchanger for thermal safety valve connection is provided.


Overall power 12 KW 18 KW 30 KW
Power transmitted to the central heating system 9 KW 13 KW 25 KW
Width (mm) 710 710 710
Height (mm) 810 960 910
Length (mm) 700 770 800
Necessary draught (Pa) 13 14 15
Flow  / Return line (inch) 1“ 1“ 1“
Weight (kg) 189 210 225
Flue opening (mm) ø118 ø128 ø148
Water content 31 lit 40 lit 65 lit
Max working pressure (bar) 2 2 2