Wood pellet kamin stove “HELENA” is aimed for smaller houses and apartments (up to 120 sqm). Fireplace is available in four colours as shown above.

The heat is distributed by heat-radiation (kamin functionality) and also by built-in ambience fan (480 m3/h air flow).

Stove works fully automatic (ignition, combustion, turning off).

There is a safety thermostat built-in to prevent overheating.

The fireplace can be connected to a room thermostat.

Buying an additional wi-fi router regulation can be connected to the internet allowing remote control via smartphone app.

Two versions available:

HELENA standard version comes with a rectangular burner pot and standard button based user interface as shown below.

Helena “PYRO” is an upgraded version in terms of efficiency and functionality. It is equipped with secondary-air burner pot and user-friendly touch screen interface.

Helena “Pyro”.
Premium touch screen user interface.
Stove type Helena 8 Helena 12
Total (nominal) power 8 kW 12 kW
Weight 95 kg 120 kg
Flue gas opening diameter ø80mm ø80mm
Flue gas exit temperature <160 ºC <160 ºC
Pellet consumption at nominal power 1.8 kg/h 2.7 kg/h
Ambience air flow480 m3/h480 m3/h
Pellet storage size15 kg15 kg
Electric network220V 50 Hz220V 50 Hz
Electric energy consumption during start-up400 W400 W
Electric energy consumption in steady state200 W200 W
Height (mm)10101060
Length (mm)615650
Width (mm)472490
Efficiency90% (92% Pyro version)90,5% (92% Pyro version)
CO emissions0,02%0,02%
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Technical description “Helena PYRO”