TOBY 24-55

Self-cleaning wood-pellet boiler 24-33-44-55 KW

New generation of TOBY represents one of the most sophisticated solutions for automatic combustion of wood pellets. It is completely adapted to burn wood pellet as a primary fuel, achieving maximum efficiency level up to 94% and a very low exit temperature for flue gases (below 160 C). Emission levels of this boiler fulfill the most rigorous norms of European countries (A++ energy class)

2018 innovations include:

  • Completely new burner design (registered at EUIPO) with primary and secondary air-flow to ensure best combustion results and highest efficiency
  1. Self-cleaning brazier to automatically remove the ash residues from the burner pot
  2. Automatic cleaning of the boiler tubulators (heat exchangers)

Automatic operation.

  • Ignition, start-up and turning-off are fully automatized.
  • Combustion control is optimized using algorithms such as ‘modulation’ which automatically decreases pellet dose as the difference between desired and reached temperature is decreasing.
  • Boiler is easily connected to a (wireless) room thermostate.
  • With purchase of additional wi-fi router it is possible to turn on-off boiler via mobile app (android, ios).

Production quality. 

  • As required by the European norm EN 303-5 boiler chamber is made of 5mm thick steel plates (all surfaces in touch with fire).

Safety features. 

  • Pellets are fed to boiler via internal transporter screw inside the storage tank. From there pellets are fed over to heating chamber where they fall free to the designated combustion area (the ’actual’ embedded burner of the boiler). Storage and combustion area are physically divided.
  • There is a safety thermostat installed to prevent back-fire as well as the overheating thermostat.
TOBY 2018 TOBY 24 TOBY 33 TOBY 44 TOBY 55
Total power 24,7 kW 32,7 kW 44 kW 55 kW
Heating power area (m2) do 210 m2 do 320 m2 do 430 m2 do 550 m2
Min power consumption kg/h Min 1 kg/h Min 2,67 kg/h Min 3,6 kg/h Min 3,83 kg/h
Max power consumption kg/h Max 6,1 kg/h Max 8,68 kg/h Max 11,76 kg/h Max 12,0 kg/h
Width (mm) 1090 1195 1370 1370
Height (mm) 1580 1580 1580 1680
Length (mm) 660 660 770 770
Flue gas height (mm) 1075 1075 1075 1175
Flow / Return (inch) 1“ 5/4“ 5/4“ 5/4“
Weight (kg) 368 414 531 563
Pellet storage (kg) 130 145 175 210
Flue opening (mm) ø120 ø120 ø120 ø120
Air inlet (mm) ø50 ø50 ø50 ø50
Water content 62 lit 80 lit 98 lit 114 lit
Max working pressure 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Flue gas exit temperature <140 ºC <140 ºC <140 ºC <140 ºC
Max working pressure 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Power consumption during start-up 400W 400W 400W 400W
Power consumption during operation 100W 100W 100W 100W
Power supply 220V 50 Hz 220V 50 Hz 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Efficiency >92% >92% >92% >92%
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User manual.