TOBY B 12-20


TOBY B 12-20

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TOBY B boilers are aimed for residential buildings (up to 170 sqm) but unlike TOBY H kamin models are exclusively aimed for boiler rooms.

Sign B stays for „compact dimensioning“ of this boiler – it is smaller and weights less than the standard TOBY 20 model.

12 KW models can also come as a „SET“ model: SET means that circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve, air vent are all included and premounted into the boiler.

With purchase of additional boiler router, regulation of this boiler can be connected with internet: boiler can be turned on/off directly from mobile phone through application (android and ios supported so far).

Boiler is completely adapted to burn wood pellet as a primary fuel, achieving maximum efficiency level (90% and more) and a very low exit temperature for flue gases (below 160 °C).

Ignition, start-up and turning-off are fully automatized. Combustion control is optimized using algorithms such as ‘modulation’ which automatically decreases pellet dose as the difference between desired and reached temperature is decreasing.

Boiler chamber is made by welding 5mm thick steel plates (all surfaces in touch with fire). Other parts are made of 4mm steel.

Pellets are fed to boiler via internal transporter screw inside the storage tank. From there pellets are fed over to heating chamber where they fall free to the designated melting area (the ‘actual’ embedded burner of the boiler). Storage and melting area are physically divided. There is a safety thermostat to prevent back-fire.

Maintenance and cleaning are reduced to a minimum compared to all solid fuel boilers – only once a week, if not less than that, with a premium quality pellet and proper use.

Type TOBY 12 B TOBY 20 B
Overall power 13,5 kW 11 kW
Power transmitted to the heating system 11 kW 18 kW
Fuel consumption at min power Min 0,8 kg/h Min 1,4 kg/h
Fuel consumption at max power Max 2,8 kg/h Max 4,6 kg/h
Width (mm) 502 600
Height (mm) 1400-1425 1500-1525
Length (mm) 650 800
Flue gas exit height (mm) 200-225 175-195
Flow / Return (inch) 1“ 1“
Weight (kg) 175 250
Fuel capacity (kg) 65kg 80kg
Flue gas opening (mm) ø80 ø80
Air inlet (mm) ø50 ø50
Boiler content 19lit 38lit
Flue gas exit temperature <160 ºC <160 ºC
Energy consumption during start-up 400W 400W
Energy consumption during stable mode 100W 100W
Electric network 220V 50Hz 220V 50 Hz
Boiler efficiency >90% >90%