Wood Pellet Boilers

In 2010, Termomont enters the production of wood pellets boilers.
First with pellet burners solutions (BIOTERMEC) in combination with solid fuel boilers. Soon after, in the same year, we started the production of boilers that work exclusively on pellets – TOBY.

Thanks to the highly positive reaction of the market and the expansion of pellet, TOBY quickly earned the position of a best-selling boiler of its kind in Serbia.

TOBY meets the highest standards (Class 5) listed in European Standard EN 303-5: 2012 concerning the emission of gases and the efficiency of the boiler (over 90% but in real terms).

So far, more than 15,000 boilers were produced. The product was receiving many technological updates – the story is rounded off in 2018 by presenting the TOBY SELF-CLEANING CONCEPT in all its versions (fireplace, compact and standard).

The self-cleaning boiler is, by its design, superior to the cheaper solutions of other regional manufacturers. In addition to greater autonomy, the system guarantees better pellet combustion thanks to original burner design (design submitted and protected by EUIPO).