„D.O.O. Termomont“ Šimanovci is a family-business company, and it was founded in 1986 as the first private company in Srem. In the first years of its existence,  with only 10 employees, the company gained a reputation in the field of installation of central heating and assembly of boiler plants. At the beginning of the nineties, the company turned to production and over time grew into a renowned producer of central heating boilers.

Our company has the status of the predominant exporter since 2013, the backbone of our export sales is the market of the European Union.

The focus of sales and development is on renewable energy sources. Our wood pellet and kitchen stove-boilers meet the highest standards in terms of emissions of harmful gases („eco-design“). The knowledge and experience of employees as well as automated production with the help of modern machines enable the high quality of our products, as evidenced by internationally recognized certificates.


in 1986

„UOUR Termomont“ Šimanovci, with 10 employees, central heating installation works

in 1991

Electric boiler „ETK“

in 1992

Solid fuel boiler „TKK“

in 2006

ISO 9001

in 2006

Acquisition of plasma cnc machinery

in 2009

The first fiber laser for sheet metal cutting

in 2010

Wood pellet burner „Biotermec“

in 2013

Predominant exporter status

in 2013

„Panel bender“ machine for automatic line bending

in 2015

ISO 14001

in 2020

Sheet metal straightening line

in 2022

Platinum Creditworthiness